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"Half Past Fixed"


  Finally a second page of games for Steem SSE.



4 Wheel Drive/Combo Racer


  To run this in Steem you need the latest version of pasti.dll available here.
You also need Steem v3.7 or later or you won't be able to swap disks, which can be quite frustrating.

Download 4 Wheel Drive at Atarimania




  B.A.T shipped with the MV16 cartridge, that was used to play 12bit samples, thanks to a trick: sample data was coded as the address on the cartridge.  



download cartridge dump:


Chessmaster 2000


  This is the STW version, copied from the SCP version, as illustration of both features.  

Download  disk A  disk B




  Emulation support for this game isn't an easy thing. Dragonflight creates a backup disk with a special format that isn't handled by old disk image formats such as ST and MSA. For this reason a new format was specified that holds all format information encoded in MFM: STW, and indeed a new WD1772/drive emulation able to handle this type of "raw" images was written in v3.7.  
  In the disk manager, right click, select 'New STW disk image'. Use this as your backup disk, following the instructions in the game.  

Download Dragonflight at Atarimania


Guild of Thieves


  What's special about this disk image is that the game is hidden on side B of the disk. To access it you need to use the Freeboot.

Because the side formats are different, ST or MSA won't do the trick, here we use STW.


Download ST Basic + Guild of Thieves


Leader Board Pro Golf Simulator


  In order to play the original version you needed to insert an adapter in the joystick port. This is emulated in Steem SSE 3.8.3. Option C1 required too.





Another Mafioso met Steven Seagal...

  A cool little game by Infogrames, the starting screen is in French but that's easy to get. It was lambasted because it was ported from the Amstrad CPC without graphics improvement, yet it was great on the Atari ST thanks to mouse control and its one VBL animation.

I used to play it but was annoyed by a bug: when you kill a mafia boss, you're placed back at the far left of the zone, yet killers may appear close to the boss house. So I made 3 patches for Steem: infinite lives, infinite time, and bugfix (STF, RAM 1MB). They're included in the download, you may also download them apart.

Nothing prohibits you from enjoying this game now...

  Download Prohibition STX  
  At atarimania  
  Download patches  

Realm of the Trolls


  It's a cool name, reminiscent of some internet forums. This case helped me debug and improve the new WD1772 emulation for STW disks. See Dragonflight above.  

Download Realm of the Trolls -DBG


Star Trek


  Emulation and rendering of the YM2149 sound has been dramatically improved for some frustrating cases, such as the samples in Star Trek. In v3.9.2, higher sample rates reduce aliasing, and in v3.9.3, a filter takes care of it (option 'C2').  

Download Star Trek-AUT


Super Hang On


  The main Steem page of this site features Super Cycle, which is a fine game. This one is even better, with great gameplay (but it's not a 'one VBL' game).

It worked in Steem 3.2, but it was trouble in the beta of v3.8 because when making ACIA timings more precise, some glitches would appear. It turned out that an MFP timing issue was just revealed. So in v3.8, it will still work but if you check option C1, then check C2 too.

It seems that some bad disk images circulate, where the game will stall. The one available here is OK.


Download Super Hang-On


The Teller


  The trace protection of this game told me that my "general theory of exception stack frame" was missing some piece. The kind of blunder that lets you miss a Nobel prize.

I thought there was a fondamental error, but Motorola microcodes tell us more about the JMP instruction: the PC doesn't change before the address error exception. Why should it after all?
There are 876,079 exceptions during the decoding, the current record as seen in Steem.

  Intro is in French but game itself in English.  

Download The Teller STX




  There was a bug in emulation of WD1772 command $D0 (Force Interrupt). This bug has finally been wiped out in v3.7.  

Download Wipe-Out -RPL


Wipe-Out -RPL STW


Xenon II


  This is Xenon II, normally on two single side disks, here on one double side disk, you need to use the Freeboot to select the side.  

Download Xenon 2 -V8


Other STW images


They are also available as ST or MSA images but then you need to select 'Accurate Disk Access times' option in Steem.

ESWAT STW  disk A  disk B

Exile STW

G.nius STW

Lost Patrol STW  disk A  disk B  disk C

Mean Street  disk A  disk B

Vroom STW



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