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  Here's a selection of games that may illustrate new Steem SSE features.





  HUH! I can hear you from here: yes, Barbarian already worked in Steem 3.2. But it's a great game and I want it on my site. As of v3.4, the Barbarian IKBD quirk is emulated at low level (6301) as well so it's a good pretext.
Also, since v3.6 the samples sound better (louder).

Download Barbarian


Blood Money


  Long marked as not working, this favourite of many will now run in Steem in its original version, Pasti (STX) as well as Kryoflux (IPF). You may bet your bloody money on it.

First it was just another hack in CPU exception handling, like for War Heli, but now it's emulated at low level (microcodes).


Download Blood Money (pasti) (IPF)


Captain Blood


  Captain Blood is the first game I picked to showcase IPF disk image format support in Steem, because it's one of the milestone games on the ST and because its interesting use of the keyboard chip clock also illustrates a fix in true 6301 emulation since v3.5 with a more accurate clock. Remember that to load IPF disks you need to have the bloody CAPSimg.dll in your Steem or system directory.  

Download Captain Blood (IPF)


Crazy Cars 2


  The pasti version of this frustrating game also named F40 Pursuit Simulator was the basis for some improvements in Steem SSE: CPU exceptions, true 6301 emu.

Some people like Crazy Cars 2. I notice it does the branching roads far better than in the ST adaptation of Outrun.

Here's a hint you may not know ( ;) ): press F7 for keyboard/joystick control.


Download Crazy Cars 2




  Better ACIA and E-clock emulation and this version of the game runs in Steem.
This also fixes Utopia. Real fix only in v3.6.4 (despite the screen shot).
config: STF, WU2, ADAT, C1, C2

Download Demoniak
STW version


Enchanted Land


  Like Steem authors said, this technically most impressive game from Thalion so very nearly worked in Steem. Now it does for your enchantment; all it needed  was correctly reporting the shifter counter position in some special condition.

I also prepared a patch (download) that should make the game work in Steem 3.2 without the STFMBORDER command-line option, to be complete. This patch, like others, is also included in the main Steem SSE download.

This is a great game, but on real hardware (or in slow drive mode in Steem), loading times are quite frustrating.

It's a shame that reviewers at the time didn't perceive that all animation was done in "one VBL".


Download Enchanted Land


 The Final Conflict


  It's a problem of interrupts in a Final... Conflict!
Option 'C2' required.

Download The Final Conflict




  This is another game that worked very well in Steem 3.2 and that is added here because it's a great one and I like to take up the gauntlet. The pretext being that the 'character runs around when mouse is plugged in' quirk is supposedly emulated in HD6301V1 true emu mode. Here you see the wizard even went through the walls.  

Download Gauntlet




  Welcome to the Goldrunner!

This game showcases improvements in YM2149 emulation and better video rendering in windowed mode.

The version available here was hacked by Klapauzius (AF). It's the special Under Siege version where the shields are restored each time you pass a level!

Goldrunner is a one VBL game.


Download Goldrunner "Under Siege"


Hyper Force (STF, 1MB)


  There is no escape... download this and run in STF mode.

This was the very first program I "fixed" Steem for. Until then, daunted by Steem's source code I thought I would just improve the GUI side of things. With this program I jumped into emulation proper and this became a hyper force drawing me.


Download Hyper Force


International 3D Tennis (STF)


  Who needs a PS3? This is how you play that game: with an STF! Just funning, I don't know how appreciated it was when it was released, but today it doesn't feel really cool. Just first impressions though.

Update: the game is really buggy. You'll get better results without option C1, because then some bugs are not emulated!


Download International 3D Tennis


Jumping Jackson


  Most available versions of the disk Automation 239 have something wrong: missing sound samples
or corrupt sprites.
The good guys at the d-bug forum had no time to answer my questions, so without
jumping to conclusions I fixed the menu disk myself, using the different
versions available. Most of the effort went into changing the boot sector however.



This is also an interesting case for 6301 (the keyboard chip) emulation.
The DISABLE MOUSE command causes a last reading of the mouse, which is
interpreted as a joystick movement and sent by the 6301 to the CPU.
Without emulating that, the game switches to a buggy black screen.

Disk drive emulation can also be trouble, and it still may fail.
In fact I think Steem is the first emulator to be able to run this properly.


Download Automation 239 fixed
STW version


Leavin' Terramis


  The text in overscan was missing when you chose the 'Monitor' option, because the picture would then be displayed at 60hz, and the sync trick to remove the border is reversed. Note that this pic looks better during emulation, at 60hz, than in the screenshot due to the multi-colour trick. Funny that this problem be revealed by a game and not a demo. Of course, it's a Thalion game, one VBL animation. Fixed in v3.4.  

Download Leavin' Terramis




Lethal Xcess (STF/STE)


  This game using overscan worked fine enough in Steem 3.2, but there was still room for improvement. You can now play it in STF or STE mode, in the former mode, the Centronics soundcard is emulated, in the latter mode the CPU/MFP ratio hack has been removed in v3.4. You see, I started by introducing hacks in Steem and later I removed hacks from Steem. Powerful karma.  

Download Lethal Xcess


Live and Let Die (STF)


  Live and let the poor STE user die.  

Download Live and Let Die


Manchester United


  Due to the extremely high demand for this excellent football manager, mouse control was fixed in Steem v.3.4. Thankfully with or without true HD6301 emu. That is, I passed time fixing it with the older fake IKBD emu before grafting the true emu. Now rush to download it, except if you're with Liverpool.
Update: as of v3.6 this will work only with 6301 option.

Download Manchester United


Microprose Golf


  You would think playing golf is rather restful, but on the ST it can get pretty tough. The game plays some music while loading, and this slows down data transfer between the drive and the memory, because slight delays make the drive miss the correct sector all the time, and spin more. If this isn't emulated, the game will crash, how exactly I don't really know, the fix is mainly based on Petari's explanations.

The STX version works with latest version of Pasti. Disk image made from STX image by Petari. The game is manual-protected. The patch by Petari is included in the game file (at least it works contrary to my attempt).

Alternatively, versions that work with previous Steem versions here.


Download Microprose Golf (includes patch)


Download Microprose Golf (Elite, need no patch)




Nightdawn (STF)


  Message: Go for it!, just in STF mode! A simple case.  

Download Nightdawn


No Buddies Land


  The vertical scrolling of this fine game was jerky in Steem, now it's smoother, almost un-ST like, and in one VBL. It's due to the use of 0-byte lines for scrolling. This is now handled in Steem, buddies.  

Download No Buddies Land




Rainbow Island (STF)


  This fine game didn't work on a real STE (at least the Was Not Was version). If you don't know who Was Not Was was or was not (...), your a lamer.  

Download Rainbow Island


The Sentinel (aka The Sentry)


  There was a major slow mouse issue with this universally appreciated game. It was hacked in v3.3 and fixed (both IKBD modes) in v3.4. Which proves hacks are not so bad.
: as of v3.6 this will work only with 6301 option.

Download The Sentinel
Auto001 STW


Seven Gates Of Jambala


  An ST game with decent scrolling (one VBL), even if the playing window is rather small. The solution to bad colours is a Timer B fix "borrowed" from Hatari.  

Download Seven Gates Of Jambala




  This one VBL game demanded titanic efforts to have it working first in STE mode (v3.3) then in STF mode(v3.5).  

Download Titan




  This explosive game also worked fine in Steem. Since I like the music, I found a minor SSE improvement as an excuse to present it here. In true 6301 emu mode, the crosshairs will act erratically because mouse is in port 0 of your ST.

The gameplay is frustrating, the kind of floppy disk that would get tossed against the wall more than once...

Maybe there will be an option for that in Steem one day ("Eject and toss").


Download TNT


Trex Warrior


  The same Timer B fix as for Seven Gates of Jambala also eliminates the annoying raster glitch in this fine Thalion game, but strangely only since v3.4. Space to skip intro...  

Download Trex Warrior


War Heli


  This chopper game, better than Chopper-X, was well protected. It exists in only one cracked version (Medway Boys). It worked fine in Steem, but thanks to a CPU exception hack that was too specific and too generic at the same time: it was devised just for this game but broke other programs. To avoid the garbage screen during loading, use slow disk drive emulation. There was a bug in my 'accurate' drive emulation in v3.5.0 though, fixed in 3.5.1. War is heli, boy.  

Download War Heli (Medway Boys)




War Heli STW (Medway Boys)




  Another quality Thalion game (Pasti image of the original) now working in Steem.
This game really warps the CPU around, trying to fool emulators (or crackers at the time...).
Lethal Xcess Beta STX used the same trick.
Note that there are wrong Pasti images of the game floating around, including the image at the Thalion shrine site.
Also of note: ST Format rated this game 20%. Quality indeed. Still a one VBL game.
Option C1 mandatory!

Download Warp




  In true 6301 emu mode, the mouse is less sticky at the equipment screen of this fine game.  

Download X-Out



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