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"Force of Emulation"

  The fourth screen of brags for demo fixes, and some exclusive versions here!





  It is time for a disclosure: Steem SSE v3.8 supports a demo by Sync shown first at STNICCC 2015, called Closure.

Alas, the pathetic ST scene failed to recognise how ground breaking it was.

Important: You must select a wake-up state on the Machine option page for it to work, and accurate disk access times in the Disk manager for it not to crash later. Option Hacks for WS1 and 2.

STE: WS1; STF: not WS1


Cuddly Demos STE


  Already patched for STE and an older version of Steem by Leonard, the main screen of this demo wouldn't display correctly according to the STE's wake-up state.

The version presented here has been patched again to remedy this problem.

Update: oops, the version flickered in both Steem and my STE, nice work dude, this has been corrected.


Download Cuddly Demos STE SS (v2)


Fantasia STE


  This demo tested the TOS version number (1.06) to check if you had an STE. Unfortunately, due to all the bugs in that TOS the version number soon changed and the demo would refuse to run on new machines (1.62).
Here you may download a fixed version.

Download Fantasia STE SS




  It's preliminary support in v3.7, but the text is (somehow) readable, and there is overscan.
Just press space at the calibration test.

Download Monoscreen


My Socks are Weapons


  Another protected demo now running in the Legacy of Steem, fans get their socks knocked off again!
The protection of this demo is rather vicious for us emulator maintainers. It sets the ST in highres, then uses the video counter in the middle of its trace decoding routine.
Other trace protection routines set the ST in highres too, and for a long time, but without reading the counter (Transbeauce 2, etc.)


New Stream


  This STW version was made using WRITER.PRG of the original archive. Don't think it does anything special but you never know.  

Download New Stream STW




  Don't panic! This demo is playable in Steem. But for v1, you need to set speed at 8.00 mhz instead of the normal 8.02 mhz.

Or just download the elusive fixed v2 here (obtained through a spec op).

Update: in v3.8, both versions work in STF mode, no speed trick. Although I know it shouldn't work on all STF.


Download Panic v1 Panic v2



  Alas, I relapsed into my hacking habits...  
  This is Relapse Grafix Sound II plasma first without then with the hack:  

  Without, bad split.  

  Hacks on, fixed!

Update: this dubious hack broke the best screen of Drone. It has been corrected in v3.7.3 and replaced with a better fix in v3.8.0.


Download Relapse STE:




  The trace protection routine of this demo is a another good test for various aspects of
CPU emulation, the reason it crashed was that the Status register was used in
some computation, and its value depends on "undefined" behaviour according
to documentation (DIV). Fixed in v3.6.1, no more reason to be Sade.

This also fixes Spectrum Analyzer (same group).


SSE3.6 Demo


  Remember the Thriller demo by MCA? Well, this is an improved version where the sample has been replaced with some art by Steven Seagal, the great blues singer, himself. You can throw away your MP3-player now...
The demo was included in the download package of Steem SSE 3.6.0.
It is available nowhere else! ...wonder why. Jealousy?  :)

Download SSE3.6 Demo


Time Slices


  GLU refactoring in v3.8 allowed us to support a monochrome demo that uses STE abilities, Time Slices.

We still needed to add raster effect support. Like monochrome hardware scrolling, this is emulated in C++, not in assembly. Fortunately, as there is only one bitplane, performance is still acceptable.

Monochrome HSCROLL emulation was already in v3.7 of Steem SSE. I was happy to see that it worked, as it hadn't been tested before.

The result isn't too bad, considering we're still using the same basic rendering system for monochrome mode.

A further step could be to add real-time rendering like for colour scanlines.



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