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  Improvements in apps emulation. There aren't so many but the list is growing.





  A little CPU fix has the Macintosh emulator Aladin working again in Steem. It was broken since v2.06: see, some regressions can take some time to fix (like Beyond, totally different problem).

That's what you want, right? In Windows (or in Wine!), you launch the Steem emulator, and in the Steem emulator, you run the Mac emulator. Makes sense.

Update: this fix had to be refined, corrected several times, because other programs were broken. Works with v3.5.0, 3.5.4, 3.6.1. v3.7.1, real fix as opposed to dubious hacks (it was just the exception stack frame).

Hint: check your options, the Macintosh boot disk mustn't be write protected or it won't load.


Download Aladin


Atari Diagnostic Cartridge




  What you always desired is now reality: Steem can boot the little known Atari Diagnostic Cartridge. I downloaded the ROM files there and made a stc file (Steem's format) from those using WinHEX.  

  As a bonus, Steem will also accept 64KB cartridges (like this one). And 128KB cartridges don't need to start with 4 additional null bytes anymore. Also, Steem won't hang anymore when you try to load a wrong cartridge file (it was one of the rare bugs in Steem 3.2).

Technical notes.

1) Notice it's Keyboard rev. 2. It's because the HD6301 program in ROM sends $F1 to the CPU at reset. If it sends $F0 instead then it will say Keyboard rev. 1.

2) The RAM tests won't work well if we keep the MMU confused thing disabled... so now it's back on (a good thing I used #ifdef instead of just trashing the code), and so we've finally found one use of the costly feature that affects all memory read/writes. What I don't figure is where Steem authors got that kind of information, it's one of the most obscure parts of Steem code.


Download Atari diagnostic cartridge


Hard Disk utilities


  You want those if you'd like to experiment with ACSI hard disk images in Steem.
HFE format because that was originally a "3.7.2" feature.

Download HD_UTILS (HFE format)


ReDMCSB: Megamax C, scripts, hard drive debugging


  I think I fixed a nasty bug in Steem's handling of GEMDOS and hard drive emulation. Apparently the command PTERM, that ends a TOS program on the ST, could be intercepted and executed several times in a row, prematurely closing programs that should be running on. This happened while trying to compile the fantastic reverse engineering project Back to the source: ReDMCSB. The author advised one to use Hatari because it would hang in Steem. No more (v3.6).

The hanging happened at random because it depended on the Timer C and when you started the script.

Notice the new OSD debug info showing the current GEMDOS command if the appropriate Boiler log section is selected.

Update: there were other bugs to fix. This will only work with TOS1.04 (RAM unimportant) in v3.6.1. Option 'Hacks' must be checked until v 3.7.2.

Also on ACSI virtual hard disks, where no "interception bug" comes into play, this will run only on TOS 1.04 or above. This means that it apparently wouldn't run on a Mega ST with common TOS 1.02.




  In 6301 true emu mode, the mouse seems to be less heavy handed. NEOchrome used some programming trick to display the palette when the mouse was in the lower screen.  

Download Neochrome 0.5




  Well there was a request for this, delayed for a bit, what's the point? But since I was trying to improve ACIA emulation, which is a chip transmitting information for the keyboard as well as MIDI, why not check it, and surprise, the great ST sequencer by EMagic works better in v3.5.1.

Will it be able to record the guitar play of Steven Seagal?
Update: not 100%, but better in v3.7.0.


Download Notator (HD)




  Cool feature in Steem, emulating the hardware overscan circuits by both Lacescan and Autoswitch. Only possible on the STF and Mega ST because in the STE, the DE line between the GLUE and the Shifter couldn't be intercepted: they are one chip!  

Download drivers: lacescan autoswitch




  It's an interesting little program to test floppy disk drive emulation (not in fast mode!)

For example it uses a rather obscure feature of the disk controller (WD1772) to check the drive speed (command $D4).

As you can see in the version number, it's software in development. It works best with TOS1.04 or above.



Download Panzer 0.20




  What you always desired is now reality: in Accurate disk access times mode, ProCopy in Steem 3.5.1 will be able to Analyze (F9) a regular disk image without hanging. Note that Steem 3.2 already could make a working disk copy using the Protect option (F5).

Analyze also works on IPF disks, but not STX. Also, you can use ProCopy to copy some (unprotected) IPF (or STX if you check the 'Pasti only for STX' option) disk images to normal ST disk images.


Download ProCopy


Spectrum 512


  While Spectrum 512 pictures still displayed fine (provided you're careful of matching TOS & program for 50hz or 60hz frequency!), there was an annoying jitter in the graphics software itself. This was due to a "fix" in Steem 3.2 that broke the correct 3.1 version, as Steem authors were well aware.

The good news is, I found the guilty bit and could reverse it for Steem 3.4. The bad news is, Steem authors talked of a "fix three, break one" situation, so where are the Three? Maybe we'll find which other programs it affects (it's ACIA bus jam).

Notice what a Spectrum 512 artist I am!

Update. v3.6.4. The jitter in Spectrum 512 is now fixed for good. The intent of Steem authors has been put back in: add wait states due to synchronisation between the CPU and peripherals driven by the E-Clock, such as the M6500 "ACIA", in a way that has Spectrum 512 and other programs run fine.


Download Spectrum 512 (50hz)


TOS on disk


  The very first ST had no TOS (the operating system) in ROM, instead it had a booter, and the system(s) needed to be loaded from disk. So it just worked like MS-DOS on the PC. The big advantage of such a way, had it been kept, is that updating the OS is easy, you just use another floppy disk. Disadvantages are possible data corruption of your TOS disk (but of course, you can make copies), loading time, and memory use. The latter was too crippling on the 260 or 520 ST to be viable.

If you're curious, it is perfectly possible to emulate this in Steem, using the small ROM image and the floppy disk image.





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