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"Over The Scan"


  Development screen of Steem SSE 3.9.3.  

Advanced Settings


  You find all those Steem options confusing? Just leave that one option unchecked and far fewer other options will be available. Defaults insure good compatibility, but some features are then not available, for example 'Hardware Overscan', see below.

If you messed with advanced settings and don't remember which are the defaults, just click on the button on the right.


Hardware Overscan



No installation required in Steem!



  New ST models are available on the 'Machine' option page, STF LaceScan and STF AutoSwitch.  

  When one of those options is selected, Steem considers that one of those circuits has been installed on the STF. Those circuits intercept the DE (Display Enable) line on the motherboard to change video timings and persuade the system to draw video memory in the borders. It was easy to add to Steem because a lot of demos do the same thing.

Only possible on the STF and Mega ST because in the STE, the DE line between the GLUE and the Shifter couldn't be intercepted: they are one chip!

You need appropriate drivers (see here).

With those, you can enjoy hardware overscan in Steem!


  The big difference with software overscan, such as in all those "fullscreen" demos, is that hardware overscan doesn't cost CPU time. It's for the pros!  



  The freeboot option emulates a popular hack. With this you can store two single sided disks on one double sided disk. Many games were single sided because Atari released the first ST with single sided drives (as in the SF354 option just above this new one).

Technically, the hack targets the YM2149 because that's where side selection happened.

  As examples of disk images using the feature, check Xenon 2 (ST) and ST Basic/Guild of Thieves (STW).  

YM File Recording


  Steem SSE can now save a YM file. This is usable by STSound and other utilities. The file is uncompressed.  

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