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"BATman beware, here are the gamma rays!

I hope your STW disk is ready?"

  Development screen of Steem SSE 3.9.0.  

Gamma correction


  Comparing on real hardware with a CRT display, I couldn't confirm that Steem needs gamma correction, but it's always a handy setting.
Option 'Brightness/Contrast' has been renamed 'Colour Control'.



  B.A.T, an adventure game, shipped with the MV16 cartridge, that was used to play 12bit samples, thanks to a trick: sample data was coded as the address on the cartridge.

The cartridge sported a mono jack.





It is called MV16 because with 12 bits, you can mix 16 8bit sounds by simple addition. This is what the game did. It's a bit abusive because people could think it is 16bit.

The MV16 cartridge is necessary not only for playing sounds, but also for playing the game. Its presence is checked.

In Steem there are some glitches during the game, someone with real hardware (game and cartridge) could verify this.


download cartridge dump:

  It's a fake dump, tailor made for emulation in Steem SSE.  


B.A.T II optionally used the same cartridge, but it played the samples on the YM-2149 internal chip too at the same time, because the cartridge didn't ship with the game. Players were supposed to have it already.

An adapter had to be plugged in the serial port.


  To emulate this, a new option has been added in Steem SSE, on the Ports page.  

  Unfortunately, B.A.T II was on five disks.  
  As you can see, we also emulate some other adapters.

If you think this option is similar to something in WinUAE, it's no coincidence.

Also included, the Pro Sound card, which is a Centronics adapter, used by Wings of Death and Lethal Xcess on STF! The Pro Sound Designer was a sampler. Here, only playback is emulated.


Music Master


  Ubi Soft also released a tracker, Music Master (in French), that used the MV16 cartridge and needed another serial adapter (option Ports), which seems over the top for such software! You don't find this program everywhere, so here goes:


Other cartridges

  The Multiface cartridge had a 'freeze' button that messed with the monochrome monitor detection interrupt, thanks to a pass-through connector for the Atari monitor port. It worked only if that interrupt was still enabled. It's emulated by a new 'Freeze' button in the options. It works only if you also select the correct adapter in option page Ports. We do it this way to avoid bugs in high resolution.  

  The Ultimate Ripper Cartridge had a switch button. If it wasn't switched on, it was like it hadn't been inserted. There's also a new button for that. Hopefully not too buggy...  

  The Ultimate Ripper Cartridge used another device, inserted into the serial port (option Ports). It activates the "ring" interrupt to freeze the current game.  
  Here you see it working. The game graphics are messed up because of the resolution change.  

  Soon invincible in TNT?  
  Steem's debugger is better if you want to look into code, but it doesn't include a music ripper like this cartridge.  

  The Replay 16 cartridge playback function is also supported. Samples are really 16bit.  
  Here's the fake dump:


STW Strikes Back!

  To help our MFM disk format, we added two little features to Steem SSE.

First, STW (and HFE) images will only run as slowly as on hardware if the Disk Manager option 'Accurate Disk Access Times (Slow)' is checked. Otherwise, it's notably accelerated. Most disk images should work in this mode, but not when timing is important, nor if the program uses WD1772 commands READ TRACK or WRITE TRACK.

  Second, we added a context option in the Disk Manager, 'Convert to STW'. As it says it converts a regular DIM, MSA or ST image (even in an archive) to a STW image.

Make sure both drives are empty when you do that to avoid any interferences.




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