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"A Sabre and A Poneytail"

  Development screen of Steem SSE 3.8.0  

Other features


Status bar: TOS flag


  Now the TOS country flag will be displayed in the status bar beside TOS version. As program behaviour sometimes, quite strangely, depends on TOS country, this is actually useful. Also if you wonder why you get Q when you type A. Or if you're just a nationalist.

I didn't design the flags, they are already present in the option dialog (which was a cool feature of Steem already).


Status bar: icons


  Why stop there?, I "soon" thought (after a week of waving the flag).

Since we can now display graphics in that status bar, why not replace text with some icons? Here, chipset 1 (instead of C1) and 2 (C2), and Hacks (#). It's more in the spirit of original Steem. Now let's hope all the people won't click on the new icons.


Configuration files


  As of v3.8, it is possible to load or save configuration files in Steem.
This includes all your current options (including joystick, a request).
Loading a configuration file resets the ST.
Carefully edited, those ini files could be publicly used to help people
run programs.

PAL Aspect Ratio


  Yes pal, this option was already present in v3.7, but only for D3D fullscreen. Now it will work also in a window for low or medium resolution, if "stretch" mode is selected in the display options. Because of this, the aspect ratio option has been moved to the SSE page.

The D3D fullscreen rendering is still a bit more faithful than this window mode. The last pixels on the right are cut off exactly like on the snaphsot below, I took myself, not in the window.

Whether it looks good or with artefacts, especially in GEM, depends on your system (display, adapter, drivers).



Real STE: who's that girl?

  This is no fancy option. Of course, picture height could be - somewhat - corrected on most good monitors (not TVs), but many graphic artists used the typical ST aspect ratio when creating their art.

With this option, you may see the screen as the artist, and the player, did. This is the real Atari ST experience.

Also notice that the left border isn't cut off: Steem's big display rendering was right (like my high-flying theories).


Steem SSE toolbar v3.8


  This is how the toolbar looks in v3.8. Icons need less room than texts, as Napoleon said, that way the status bar is less cluttered.  


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