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"Hard To Fix 2"

  Coming soon! Features, fixes, hacks, etc. for Steem SSE 3.6.1.

Release planned soon as there are already quite some bugfixes (of v3.6.0 and older versions).

Update: released on 13/04/2014, available here


Sadeness and Spectrum Analyzer


  The trace protection routine of those demos is a good test for various aspects of
CPU emulation, the reason it crashed in Steem was that the Status register is used in
some computation, and it's value when DIV overflows is undefined according
to documentation. Fixed in v3.6.1, no more reason to be Sade.

Download Sadeness



  Argh! I was a bit hasty when claiming that the ReDMCSB project would compile in v3.6.0.
It went further than before but still hanged after a few versions were compiled.
In v3.6.1, it will complete with TOS 1.04 (RAM unimportant) but only go halfway
with TOS 1.02. It's because there's a memory-handles leak I just can't seem to fix.
It's probably a Steem bug but I don't try to fix it anymore until I'm sure it is.
It could also be that the project wouldn't compile on a real ST. Option 'Hacks' needed.



  Argh! This was one of the first CTRaw images (Caps project) available to me, and
it crashed. First thought was bad image, but the STX version failed too. Yet
it worked in older versions of Steem, so something was broken.
It was tracked down to a CPU exception quirk that allows the Mac emulator Aladin to run
in Steem. It's hard to make sense of the situation for the moment, so as quick fix
the exception fix has been restricted to the specific Aladin case so that it won't
break Dragonflight or other programs anymore.
Fine, except that... argh! there was another, unrelated, bug in the floppy drive
emulation part that broke Aladin in v3.6.0 anyway. This one is a simple bugfix so it's
restored in v3.6.1.

Argh! We can't emulate the special format of the necessary backup disks yet.
The way is longer for this one.

Update: there will be support in v3.7!


Jupiter's Masterdrive STX



Sick of this, pirate?





  This time it's a pasti.dll bug, not Steem. The image is alright but Pasti randomly changes the first bytes of tracks, and the game protection fails.

Since this is a Pasti bug, I present a Pasti fix. With the new hacked version of pasti.dll, the game will work.


Download Jupiter's Masterdrive ST


Download Pasti fixed


Demoniak (WU1)


  Argh! There was a silly syntax bug in the VBI (vertical blank interrupt) routine, and this caused the cracker intro of this game to lose overscan (and keyboard control).

Note that this game didn't work in Steem 3.2. It was OK in v3.5.1 (more or less!) and has been fixed again in v3.6.1. But you need to set wake up state option to WU1 (WS1 or WS2). I know it's annoying to do that but that seems to be correct emulation.

Update v3.6.4: 100%

The cause of the screen losing overscan was the ACIA sync cycles being counted twice on long (32bit) accesses.
It has been fixed while formalising E-clock sync emulation.


Download Demoniak


English for Business

  Argh! In v3.5.1 I introduced a floppy disk emulation change that fixed nothing,
but it broke at least this program. I made an additional blunder in not "protecting"
this mod with the ADAT/Slow drive option. There was also useless code.
It seems I began something but never finished it. Just disabling it fixes the issue.
"If it ain't broken, don't fix it"


  Argh! Microwire emulation rests on 3rd party DSP code that isn't satisfying enough.
For example the sound in BTG was cut off because of the Treble level changes.
Before we find something better, the latter has been disabled. The bass control
still works, and the volumes L+R have been fixed.

ST CPU speed option

  Argh! In v3.5.1 I managed to make the "high speed" icon disappear when at normal
speed, which was a SSE bug since v3.3.0. Unfortunately this fix would reset the
ST CPU speed option at each reset!

CTR support

  Both CAPSImg and Steem needed some improvements to be able to handle CTR images of
games using "weak bits", such as Outrun (bad game) and Vroom (good game).
Working in v3.6.4 with CAPSImg 5.1 of May 2014.

  Looks good! Just never play.  

Boiler: Debugger

  WARNING!WARNING!WARNING! Competing teams please don't look at this, it's not
  -Fixes in 'monitor for value', should work better for .L writes now
-Instruction browsers called "Instructions", not "Memory"
- shifter_tricks now called FrameReport because it may be more than
just the Shifter
  - Boiler fake IO: taking advantage of the impressive Boiler GUI to
control some internal control masks as if they were part of the IO map.
This will maximize control while minimising code.
Option SSE/Control mask browser
This will control:
Frame Report (former shifter events)
OSD (On Screen Display: info on top left)
Some TRACE (log section still applies)

As an example:


Much has been added since. Check it out!




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