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  Coming soon! Features, fixes, hacks, etc. for Steem SSE 3.5.5

Important: all those features will be integrated in version 3.6.0 instead, because we add a major feature, it's no point release.






- hard disk handling by pasti when option 'Pasti only for STX' checked
- bugfix DirectX rebuild "surface" when lost (eg after long delay)
- bugfix status bar centred when going to/from fullscreen mode
- bugfix line+20 in large display mode, option 'Hacks': pcsv62im
- bugfix no sound live when recording sound



The World is My Oyster STF


  This screen was incorrect in previous versions of Steem because the program sets both bit0 and bit1 (writing '3') of the shift mode (resolution) register. The question was, which one counts? If it's bit0 then the ST will be in medium resolution, if it's bit1 then it will be in high resolution. Now thanks to this demo we know that only bit1 is tested by the GLUE to decide when 'DE' (fetching video RAM) starts.  

Download The World is my Oyster


Panic STF


  Another technical demo by LJBK, this worked in Steem 3.2, and was broken since.

Now it will work again in v3.5.5, but only in STF wake-state 4 mode.

In both versions, there's still some flicker.


Dowload Panic


UMD 8730


  Wondering why this mega music demo didn't work in STF mode I had to add a lot of compile switches in the source to finally find the problem: when the palette values are read, there's some noise in unused bits of the STF.

The bit pattern of a palette value as read on a STF is like this:

0 0 0 0 ? X X X ? X X X ? X X X

instead of:

0 0 0 0 0 X X X 0 X X X 0 X X X

'?' may be 1 or 0, you never know.

This was already suspected but one was wondering what was the use of emulating this.

Since Steem v3.5.5, we know!


Download UMD 8730 at atari-mania (9 disks)  pouet (hd version in comments)


Option 256KB (Atari 260ST)


  Those Atari ST computers with only 256K existed, they were called 260ST. Normally they also had no TOS in ROM, you had to use a disk. This is also emulated in Steem since long (I discovered only recently). Useless? Maybe.  

Other improvements

  - restart DirectX when drawing memory lost: no message box
- select Mega ST4 -> enable hard disk

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