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"Mercenary for Emulation"

  Coming soon! Features, fixes, hacks, etc. for Steem SSE 3.5.3. (part 2)



  This is already the 2nd screen for point release 3.5.3. It's a big point release or I like to illustrate a lot.



Steem, the biggest emulator


  Literally. In very large display size mode, Steem will be the most revealing of all Atari ST emulators. It will display 35 "top border" lines instead of 30. This is because some palette effects target those lines, like obviously here:  

The Musical Wonder 1990


  In any smaller resolution, the 'Offbeat' is cut.  
  This makes plazma screens in general even more gorgeous.  

Dragonnels - Great Plazma


  You see that every line is used.  

The Musical Wonder 1991


  Hey, checking the 1991 edition of that wonder, just like that, and the very top lines are used too, I guess someone had a big monitor in the crew.

See, some blue lines are just above the logo.


Steem OSD logo

  By the way, the former ugly SSE logo has been removed. Since the version number is already in the window's title, there's no need to repeat it. Steem SSE will fit in the fine animation devised by Steem authors, and so we use it again, yeah!

The logo, like the rest of OSD, is big in the previous screenshot because it's in scanlines interpolated display mode.

Here in the no stretch (sharp) mode:


  Just staring at those tiles and they seem to move!  

  Part of the logo animation. It was a shame to do without.  

LoSTE Screens


  This new demo by Sync is at the basis of a few shifter trick fixes for: 0 byte lines, lines +2, lines -106!  

download LoSTE Screens


TCB revisited (STF)

  Thanks to info by Troed/Sync at AF, Steem 3.5.3 will correctly emulate this demo, part of the Swedish New Year Demo 1989. The demo is in fact wake-up state (WU) sensitive. In WU1, the logo isn't centred, in WU2, it is, but it seems to be by accident and adjustment. For the really technical explanations, check the thread at AF.  


Wake-up state 1

  The logo is hard to see on a static picture so I outlined it. It just says TCB. Now we know it's not at the intended place.

Hmm, let's change the option!



Wake-up state 2

  This was the intent. Note that the borders are also balanced.

Despite this, we don't claim 100%, because there's still a hack for the demo in the read shifter counter routine.

  Update: this case has also been the occasion to add yet another shifter trick, the line +24 effect, and to correct the line -2 effect. This has the same result but that's better emulation.  
  Update: for wake-up cases, I've decided to change nothing else in v3.5.3, so we stay with only WU1 and WU2. More precise emulation based on recent insights will be for later. It has very very little impact on most actual programs.  

Reset button


  Unlike the Amiga, the ST had a reset button. From now on, left click for reset, right click for switch off. Because it's far more likely that you will want to try the reset switch on demos like this (Elektra Demo), just to check if maybe this apparently very bad demo hides some wonder... (it does!)

In Steem, you had to right click on the button for that. A left click wouldn't cold reset the ST, it would just switch off. Now it will still do that, on a right click. In short, it's inverted.


Disk emulation

  In previous page I stated that the drive was a bit slow in high res. I managed to make my panzer roll faster, so I'll probably win some emulation battles:  

  Also some improvement for 11 sectors disks:  

  OK. There's some interleave now; not on the ST/MSA image itself, we do as if. Disks like Overscan Demos should load faster in slow mode. But don't try to copy (with a ST copier) a 11 sectors ST/MSA image in protected mode, the sectors would be in the wrong order! We can't have it all.  
  Analyse of those crammed disks in ProCopy...  
  ProCopy 1.50, not quite there...  
  ProCopy 2.02 doesn't like the end of the track...  
  We really must upgrade to v3.0 to be happy with it!  

ST Magazine STE Demo


Argh! The part of the screen showing off the new STE palette was all wrong due to a silly MFP "fix" that made little sense. Normally the last bugfix of v3.5.3.



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