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"Today You Debug"

  Coming soon! New fixes for Steem 3.4.



Reality is a Lie (STE)



This is the reset screen of the demo, and it was the screen too many: there was a strange flicker, in 'large display' mode only. This is the 400 (800 on PC) pixels large display. In this mode, the side borders are 40 pixels large. In the ST video RAM, this will take 20 bytes if it's fetched. But the ST video shifter handles groups of 8 bytes, cutting the screen at arbitrary positions is hazardous. Up to now, I could find tricks that would make the display right for many strange cases (E605 Planet, Tekila, MOLZ Spiral...). With this new, more mysterious (it's a medium res. overscan), case, I give up. Those are not real emulation issues, they're a waste of time.

This display mode will now be handled at rendering time, on the PC side. It's fine, but DirectX has its own constraints. For now, this mode doesn't work in fullscreen 'flip' mode, 'straight' is fine. That's OK though. Checking on my display, what counts for scrolling isn't the DirectX method but frequency (smoothness) and VSync (tearing). If you really want to enjoy fullscreen emulation of an Atari ST, get yourself a 50hz or 100hz capable display.

Drawback: when Windows takes over blitting (when the Engine is not running), it's unaware of the trick and fails to redraw.


SSE Options


  All new options introduced with 'SSE' are now on their own option page. This was very easy to do thanks to the way Steem originally was coded. This isn't just to showcase the features, but to claim screen space, and the last HD6301 true emu option was hard to fit elsewhere.  


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