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  Coming soon! New fixes for Steem 3.4.



Corporation Megademo (STE)


  This demo could very well bust some part of your anatomy. Maybe it didn't work on purpose before, to protect you.

Yet there is one good screen: the vector dots scroller (or whatever it's called, 2nd screen). Just don't expect the Jarre music to take off! I know the (great) tune and it makes me crazy. Sort of shows you the limits of the beast we're emulating.


The Sentinel (aka The Sentry)


  This very well considered game is nothing less than one of the games featured on disc #001 of our favourite collection, Automation, and the (extremely) slow mouse issue is finally fixed for the next version of Steem. For real! (It's a hack in 3.3)

But... there's still another problem (VBI) with this version, I recommend another version (BOSS, etc.)


Manchester United


  One of the best Football Managers on the ST (don't pay attention to what this 'Vapour' says about it) finally features mouse control in Steem.  

Jumping Jackson


  The Was Not Was version will behave better in Steem v3.4: wait for player action at title screen then display the menu, instead of jumping from titles to a black screen at once and jumping at level 1 when you press a key. Note that some bad disk copies of Automation 239 without the intro music are common. The correct version had nothing removed.

Sadly, sprites in that version seem to be corrupt (to check).


Cool STE by OUCH


  Yoho lamers, the concept of this demo is cool enough, with good STE music, too bad the text is so short and kind of lame (ego tripping dude put his name on both short lines). This program uses various bands of STE horizontal scrolling, including in medium resolution (the scrollers), which is cool but wasn't really foreseen in Steem until now. The uncool flicker was due to the borderline timing of writes to the running video counter. Still wondering where the real threshold is.

I made a patch (lnk) that kills the flicker in v3.2 & 3.3 (not for v3.4, where the top scroller still flickers sometimes, but who knows what correct emulation is? we need more cases). For readable scrollers, v3.4 is necessary, it's a "new" feature.

Thanks to Nicolas (Hatari) for having kept this program around.


Spectrum 512


  While Spectrum 512 pictures still displayed fine (provided you're careful of matching TOS & program for 50hz or 60hz frequency!), there was an annoying jitter in the graphics software itself. This was due to a "fix" in Steem 3.2 that broke the correct 3.1 version, as Steem authors were well aware.

The good news is, I found the guilty bit and could reverse it for Steem 3.4. The bad news is, Steem authors talked of a "fix three, break one" situation, so where are the Three? Maybe we'll find which other programs it affects (it's ACIA bus jam).

Notice what a Spectrum 512 artist I am!


36.15 Gen4 by ULM


  YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH !!! At last, Steem 3.4 will display this demo's scroller properly. The scroller was torn at the middle until now, because the video RAM is being modified just after having been fetched by the shifter, hence some emulation difficulties. The way Steem renders video can sometimes be a pain, but in this instance it's a blessing, it was an easy fix, and it troubles some people!!!

There remains a glitch in the left border though, but I'm not sure it's an emulation issue, it seems to be coded that way. Violating the one VBL rule? If you know better...


Delirious 4/Tekila


  "Wait! Didn't you already brag of this one?" Yeah, but now it's working in all display modes (there was trouble with 'Large' mode). I even got the elusive first line right. Let's drink to this.  

Dragonnels Menu


  Another one we revisit. Fixed: unstopping menu scrolling. Better warm reset handling (hopefully). Using our own 'custom 6301' fake emulation, which implies memory snapshots work for this one now. Same treatment for Froggies over the Fence, Transbeauce 2.  

Swedish New Year/TCB


  Just a funny "development screen". This interesting case made me more or less understand the double hack of Steem for 60hz lines... and why it failed with some lines but not others. But this problem is a real mess.  



  Hi! Only in Steem 3.4 can you run this demanding demo in all modes: STF(1), which is now the default for STF, STF(2) and STE. Thanks to Steem's 2 cycle precision and the new cool option that takes advantage of it:  

  Quite confusing for the casual user... but this is a build for the elite. Or I could put an 'advanced' option somewhere, as is common.  

Nostalgia Menu


  Still playing with the "wake up" modes, the current version decides that the Nostalgia menu should only work in wake up state 1. Can you beat this mess? The picture is what you have with the state 2. This is what we call an improvement! Well it is more precise emulation. Most 'remove right border' tricks hit at cycle 374 instead of 376 in this demo.  

Delirious 4 Loader


  This screen was in fact the result of yet another mistake in Steem SSE 3.3. Since Hatari loads the demos now, I had to remove my little joke (regular readers will know!), but when I checked the current version of Steem, it was already corrected.

So I didn't need Hatari for that problem but I took another hint from Hatari so that you don't need Pasti anymore to load Delirious IV. It is necessary because the LaMiga demo would almost always fail with Pasti, and I can't debug that:


  "Amiga emulation on a ST" indeed. Better than my brags. Note that there's also an interesting STE detection test here, if it fails you get no sound, and I think that (re)fixing this one fixed the loader's as well.

The Fulltrak demo still doesn't start.


Automation 168 (STF)


  Steem is the best... even better now that this menu runs without the ugly VBL hack of v.3.3. The same for menu BBC 52.  

Sunny demo by Sphere (STE)


  I don't know why exactly but it's a fact that the scroller of this demo isn't jerky anymore in v.3.4, so why not a screenshot on this sunny day for emulation?  

RGBeast by Aggression (STE)



ST scene stinks. It is small. It is megalame. No magic.

It's not me saying this, it's the dude who made this exceptional plasma demo (aka RGB Ruler). Say it with flowers! Only Steem 3.4 can tame this aggressive beast for now.

Note that it is a very demanding program for Steem. At each colour palette change, and there are a lot on each line, some commanded by the blitter, some by the CPU, Steem must update the display.


Another new cool option:


   There was a blitter on some Mega STF, in this emulation you're entitled to a blitter without having to place an order with Atari. You also get 4MB as soon as you select the migthy Mega STF. It makes me feel... rich!  


Not all STs were cheap junk


Beat Demo by Frontline (STE)


  Using 3rd party DSP code for Microwire controls (volume, balance, bass & treble; I just hope he doesn't send his lawyers), all the controls in this demo now work. Other demos use the controls to boost the sound (eg Lethal Trash).

Also added a primitive low-pass filter. Of course, to save CPU, it isn't HIFI. A bit buggy too, I added an option to deactivate:



E605/Planet by Light (STE)


  At first I thought it was amateurish coding compared with the similar Overscan Demos #1 because the planet was cut in half and came on the left and on the right of the screen. But it was in fact an emulation issue (another damn instance of write to SDP). The overscan was trouble too. It was worse in my version of Steem SSE 3.3 than in v3.2. It's apparently all "fixed" (hacked in fact) now (v3.4), but it's an interesting case to further probe.

This is another cool STE demo after all... the stereo sound is at 25khz. The picture is exactly the same as in Overscan #1, only bigger. Some fine "jarresque" music comes on later screens.


Pacemaker: credits (STE)


  It may not look like much but this screen wasn't correct (and worse in my version 3.3 :) ) because of a nasty write to SDP during active display in line 70.

On a real STE too, changing the video counter while the line is being drawn could cause glitches.

The sound is very grainy, in Hatari too, I wonder if it's an emulation issue. The dudes say it doesn't work well with emulators, but I think they're OK for video at least.



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