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As often in emulation, the legal status of roms is dubious. In the case of Atari ST, it works like this: the roms (TOS) are still protected by law, but for the moment everybody may use rom images for emulation purposes.

This hasn't been decided by a court, I'm just describing the practice.

So here's a TOS pack available for download (UK version):

Download TOS pack


Pasti, by Jorge Cwik (ijor at, is the way to use the STX floppy disk format in Steem.

This format allows emulation of original (protected) floppy disks of yore.

Normally you only want the most recent.

Copy the plugin in Steem's directory (or a pasti sub-directory in it). (30/09/2017) (31/08/2017) (29/09/2016)

If you're looking for a treasure of pasti game disk images, here it is:


Other 3rd Party DLL & EXE

In case you have trouble finding other DLL libraries used by Steem, here they are (32bit):

ArchiveAccess  CAPSImg  D3DX9_43  FreeImage  UnRAR  Unzipd32

Those plugins should be in the same directory as Steem itself.

Here's a 64bit pack for the 64bit build of Steem SSE:


A handy program that can be launched from Steem's disk manager:

MSA Converter

And a hard disk image file editor:

Drive image

Binary files

The IKBD rom, the PSG table, and the HFE boot, normally included with Steem SSE itself, just in case:


Drive sound

This is also included, but just in case:


Registry fix for Vista

If your computer runs Windows Vista and emits a stupid beep each time you click on a disk image in the Disk manager, this "reg" file may help.

Download and run: Files\patches\Steem_Vista_DM_No_Beep.reg

Or you can do it yourself by using regedit:

The solution is to run regedit and browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\.Default\CCSelect\.current\

then double-click the (Default) value, clear out any data that's in that key, then click OK. (Click OK even if it appears blank.) Then the beep goes away on its own.

Notice that it is no Steem bug, it's a Vista bug.


STtoMSA Frontend

One of my first C++ programs!

STtoMSA Frontend is a... frontend for STtoMSA command-line program (also included in the archive).

It's useful if you have a bunch of ST files you want to convert into MSA, it uses the multi-select ability of Windows file selector and keeps long file names. I think it was my first C++/MFC program (already made using stolen code) ! I've done C before.

STtoMSA Frontend

ST disk image database

Copy this file in Steem directory, you get a database you can access from the Disk manager.

disk image

Test Programs

Those Atari programs were made by myself with development of Steem SSE in mind.

DIVMAX.TOS This will crash every version of Steem before SSE v3.7.2. (thx Dio)
SPURIOUS.TOS Yes, spurious interrupts actually happen. This program handles vector $60 and tries to trigger some. It doesn't work in emulators until Steem SSE v3.7.